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School Counseling Master of Education Degree Application and Admissions

SCHOOL COUNSELING Master of Education Degree
Application & Admissions

Download a complete 

containing School Counselor Program information and application materials contained on this web site.

Deadline: All application materials should be submitted by December 1 in order to be guaranteed full consideration. Applications received after December 1 will be considered if openings are available. Both the Department application and the Assistantship/Scholarship applications should be submitted by December 1 in addition to the ISU Applications for Admission and Assistantship.

Selection and Admission Criteria


The purpose of the selection criteria is to aid the School Counselor Program Selection Committee in the identification and selection of students most qualified to begin the course of study toward earning the School Counselor Master of Education Degree. 

Admission Requirements

Admission is based upon appropriateness of educational and career goals, available positions in the program, interpersonal skills and sensitivity, communication ability, and academic potential and performance. Meeting minimum standards alone does not guarantee admission or retention.

A. Each applicant must satisfy the general criteria for admission to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies 

  • 1) hold a baccalaureate degree granted by a regionally accredited institution
  • 2) have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.7 in all undergraduate course work; or have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work; or have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in the applicant's major field of study; or have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in all courses taken at the graduate level
  • 3) satisfy and/or meet any and all additional admission requirements of the department/program where admission is being sought.

B. Each applicant must submit a personal statement describing:

  • 1)educational and career goals
  • 2)prior experiences applicable to the program such as volunteer activities and related work 
  • 3)an understanding of the role of school counselors

C. Each applicant is required to attend an interview.

NOTE: Students may be admitted on conditional status if their overall undergraduate GPA is at least 2.3, but less than 2.7. 

Preferred education/employment background

Candidates should have a broadly based educational background in areas such as education, counseling, psychology, sociology and/or anthropology. Experience in research, teaching or a behavioral science related occupation is helpful. 

Preferred personal characteristics

Successful applicants will possess strong achievement motivation, a willingness to work cooperatively with other professionals and the ability and willingness to grow and adapt as the needs of students change. 

Other preferred attributes

Candidates should hold a strong interest in elementary, secondary, and post-high school student achievement, a willingness to utilize data and develop computer related skills.

Application Check List

Important: Be sure to put on the application that you are applying to Master of Education School Counselor Program (8667). You should also apply for admission for Summer I, not Fall. Students in this program are considered full time and the program is classified as an on-campus program even thought courses are delivered in multiple formats.

  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate level coursework
  • School Counselor Program Departmental Application
  • Current resume
  • Three letters of reference. You may have your references email their recommendation to  It is suggested that these letters be from those who know of your:
  1. Volunteer efforts, 
  2. Related work experiences, 
  3. Academic ability, or 
  4. Willingness to advocate for others.
  • Personal Statement of 1,000 words or less that describes your:
  1. Educational and career goals, 
  2. Prior experiences applicable to the program such as volunteer activities and related work experience, 
  3. Qualities that you believe will enable you, as a school counselor, to help all students achieve to high standards, and 
  4. Understanding of the role of school counselors. 
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores if you have taken this test. The GRE is NOT required for admission to the School Counseling Program. (Please note that those students interested in applying for a Graduate Assistantship may use GRE scores to meet the College of Graduate and Professional Studies’ Graduate Assistant eligibility requirements. If you are interested in an assistantship, please be sure to discuss this with the School Counselor Program Director.)

International applicants have additional requirements for admission to the university and should contact the International Affairs Center at email: for further information.

Application for Assistantship and Scholarship

ISU College of Graduate and Professional Studies Applications: