“Go Figure at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum” is a Mathematics Encouragement Program for Wabash Valley Area students in grades 3, 4, and 5.  Students with varying ranges of mathematics experience and achievement will be accepted to participate in the enrichment activities planned for this “Experiential Mathematics” program.  Go Figure is not a tutoring program.   Go Figure lessons are not designed to not replicate the rigor of the skill and drill activities in a classroom setting.

The program goals are threefold: (1) to create a sense of excitement about being math savvy in everyday life, (2) to encourage students to pursue more challenging math classes as they enter middle school and high school, and (3) to inspire students to begin thinking about the importance of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 

The program is a collaborative effort of Indiana State University’s (ISU’s) Center for Mathematics Education (Math Center), ISU students, and the Terre Haute Children’s Museum.

ISU student volunteers (elementary education/mathematics education/other majors) serve as “activity designers” and docents for the program while ISU College of Education faculty, ISU Mathematics faculty, and volunteer teaching professionals from the Wabash Valley provide subject matter expertise, classroom management hints, educational strategy coaching and general mentorship to insure that the program is effective and that it meets curriculum standards for the targeted grade levels. 

The program takes place at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum in a “math laboratory” setting.

ISU’s Center for Public Service and Community Engagement provides leadership coordination for the ISU volunteer docent cadre to insure adherence to the University’s mission and vision for Community Engagement.