Department of Teaching and Learning Add-on Licensure Programs

Indiana State University offers more than 20 graduate certificate and licensure programs designed to provide graduates with specialized professional knowledge and skills at the graduate level.  Within the department, individuals who already hold or are eligible for teaching licenses may pursue non-degree coursework designed to help them qualify for additional licenses in specialized areas.  Students who reside outside of Indiana should check their state’s licensing requirements before applying to out-of-state licensure programs. Our add-on licensure options are described below.

Special Education

This 18-credit non-degree program is being proposed for Fall 2023. The program is designed for currently licensed teachers who wish to add special education to their existing teaching license. This program includes fully online coursework and school-based field experiences that can be completed in 4 semesters.

Required Courses

  • SPED 602 Positive Supports for Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Development
  • SPED 607 Diversity and Disability in Today’s Schools
  • SPED 623 Strategies in Reading and Language Arts
  • SPED 627 Methods in Special Education
  • SPED 634A Practicum Mild Interventions
  • SPED 698 Advanced Topics in Special Education

For more information, contact: Dr. Shawn Huisinga, Program Coordinator

Working with Students with Sensory Loss

The department offers two add-on licensure opportunities for individuals interested in working with students who have sensory loss.  The Deaf/Hard of Hearing Licensure program is a 20-credit program that can be completed in 24 months.  The Visual Impairment: Non-degree License Program for Exceptional Needs is a 16-credit program.

For more information, contact: Jennifer Mesanovic

Other Non-Degree Programs

The department is suspending or discontinuing admission to several non-degree programs, effective Fall 2023. We are no longer accepting applications to the following programs: