University Superintendent Search Team


The University Search Team is compromised of one College of Education Faculty member from each of the four state universities: Ball State University, Indiana University, Indiana State University, and Purdue University.  The Team has been providing assistance to Indiana Boards of School Trustees for over 50 years in the posting, screening and selection of public school superintendents.  historically, the Team has assisted in approximately 90 percent of the superintendent searches in Indiana in any given year.

Because the service is sponsored by the Colleges of Education from these four state universities, there is no charge four the Team's placement services except for travel and expenses associated directly with the work of the Team during the search process.

The basic services provided by the Team include advising school boards on:

How the University Search Team Can Serve You!

 1. Preparation of all procedures involved in a successful search.

       1. Will inquire of the Board what is desired of the next superintendent.

       2. Will ask about the strengths and needs of the district.

2. The development of application materials

       1. Provide examples of well-designed applications previously used.

       2. Assist in selecting questions to be included on the application.

       3. Recommend inclusion of a public relations document of the district and the community.

3. Posting the vacancy with licensing institutions and professional organizations

       1. Provide assistance on where to advertise and how to advertise the position.

       2. Will accept applications for the district and field questions from applicants.

       3. Develop a timeline for posting, interviewing, and hiring.

4. Generating a pool of candidates

       1. Seek the best applicants for the district.

       2. Recruit candidates that best match the needs of the district.

       3. Provide strong public relations for the Board.

5. Screening the candidate pool in conjunction with the Board.

       1. Again identify the strengths and challenges of the district as determined by the Board.

       2. Identify the personal characteristics and the professional skills the Board wants in the next superintendent.

       3. Match the best candidates with the needs and desires of the Board and district.

       4. Recommend the best candidates for the first-round interviews.

       5. Provide rationale why candidates are or are not recommended for interviews.

6. Preparing Boards for interviews including assistance with developing appropriate questions and protocols

       1. Provide format, possible questions, and protocol for the first round of interviews.

       2. Provide legal guidance on what can and cannot be asked in interviews.

       3. Provide recommendations for handling the second round of interviews.

7. Advising the selection of the successful candidate.

       1. Discuss the procedures for offering the position to the candidate selected.

       2. Provide recommendation of contract negotiations.

       3. Provide the guidelines for advertising the contract and official hiring.

The team will continue to offer any support as needed.

It is the Teams' goal to work with Boards to generate a pool of candidates that best reflects the needs of the school corporation and what the Board is looking for in terms of professional skills and personal characteristics.

If you would like additional information please contact any of the team members below.

Ball State University:
Dr. Lynn Lehman
Assistant Professor
Dept. Of Ed. Leadership
Teachers college, 923
Muncie, IN 47306
Indiana University:
Dr. Walter Bourke
Visiting Assistant Professor
Wright Ed. Bldg., Room 4220
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
Indiana State University:
Dr. Terry McDaniel
Dept. Of Ed. Leadership
317C University Hall
Terre Haute, IN 47809
Purdue University:
Dr. Jim Freeland
Assistant Professor
Dept. Of Ed. Studies
Beering Hall, Room 5136
West Lafayette, IN 47907