Bicycle Registration "IS YOUR BIKE SECURE?"

Bicycle Registration "IS YOUR BIKE SECURE?"

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South of the Fountain in front of the Welcome Center




(812) 237-7852


Registration of bicycles on campus for student, faculty, staff and employees — Register your bicycle with the ISU Police Department. This is not required but this will assist the police investigation if your bicycle is stolen. To register your bicycle you will need to bring your bicycle, ID to Police Department tent located south of the fountain. We will gather your bicycle\'s serial number, information and place an ISUPD sticker with your unique number and take photograph of your bicycle. This information will be entered into the Police Reporting Computer system in case that your bicycle is stolen and you do not have a bill of sale to show proof of ownership. If you have previously registered your bicycle in the past two years no need to re-register we have your information on file. We ask that you SECURE YOUR BICYCLE WITH A U-LOCK!!