Changing the World: A How-To Guide

Changing the World: A How-To Guide

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Vigo County Public Library




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The sessions are sponsored by Activist Study Hall, ISU Multicultural Programs and Services, and the League of Women Voters. The first session is a guide to critical thinking led by former Tribune-Star columnist Stephanie Salter. This is Citizen Action Training is a nonpartisan public education effort to teach ordinary people, who may never have been active in community issues before, how to effect positive change in the world, in whatever way they envision. The sessions will teach people how to find and assess good information, how to impact law and policy-makers, and how to gather public support for their efforts. The final session will feature a panel of local people who will share their experiences of making positive change in our community. A detailed schedule can be found on Facebook at: This is a great opportunity for students to engage with public issues, to educate themselves on helpful resources, and to get inspired to be leaders in positive change. If faculty want to offer extra credit for attendance, please email to arrange a sign-in sheet for your class