EXHIBITION: MFA - Sam T. Morlan + Regan M. Zerwig

EXHIBITION: MFA - Sam T. Morlan + Regan M. Zerwig

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Yang Family University Art Gallery




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SAM T. MORLAN: I Felt Like I Was in the Way, So I Panicked
REGAN M. ZERWIG: Transformations

Reception: Thursday, Oct 19, 4-6 pm
Duration: Oct 9- Nov 3, 2023
Location: Yang Family University Art Gallery (Landini Center for Fine and
Performing Arts)
300 North 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47809

All ISU Exhibitions/Talks are free and open to the public. This means family
and friends are welcome.


SAM T. MORLAN: I Felt Like I Was in the Way, So I Panicked ‘I Felt Like I Was in the Way, So I Panicked’, an exhibition to remind the viewer that we’re all human and that it’s ok to not be ok. This series of works ranges from drawings on mirrors to large-scale oil paintings on canvas that explore physical and psychological aspects of the shared human experience. Pulling from therapy techniques that elicit the subconscious mind like “brain dumping” and “automatic writing” and writers like Shel Silverstine for his child-like nonsensical language and sometimes mildly
disturbing illustrations. For example, my piece “I Seem To Be Thriving In Spite of My Wallpaper”, a 14-foot-long oil painting on canvas inspired by Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper, attempts to normalize trigger words like depression, anxiety, and trauma through a chaotic spread of imagery and text. This exhibition is intended to provide a safe space where people from all backgrounds can gather to reflect on life and remember that sometimes you just need to laugh.

REGAN M. ZERWIG: Transformations Regan M. Zerwig uses the word transformations to describe her sculptures and installations as they relate to the “makers” in her family and the profound experiences in her life. It is her family’s history and her past experiences that led Zerwig to want to create a legacy, which is reflective of her transformative and unique experiences, assets, and skills in life. This body of work is characterized by color, geometry, and repetition which is influenced by her background in architecture, interior design, science, mathematics, and art. In her practice, Zerwig focuses heavily on process and product and includes the use of a variety of materials such as paper, wood,
concrete, metal, and acrylic. Zerwig hopes to create environments that exude wonder, beauty, and change based off her own desires and aesthetic appeals while also promoting personal meditation, reflection, and transformation.