Gel Plate Printmaking Class: Valentine Cards (Online)

Gel Plate Printmaking Class: Valentine Cards (Online)

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Online (times are for supply pickup)




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Join one of CSA\'s art instructors and create beautiful prints, cards, and collages through Gel Plate printing. Gel Plate printing is incredibly fun, it's artistic, it's easy and the results you get are nothing short of amazing! You're probably wondering, "What is Gel Plate printing?" Well, Gel Plate printing is a form of art called mono-printing and previously, you had to have a press to transfer the paints from the printing plate to the paper or fabric. Today, there is a new thing called Gel Plate, which is a soft silicone plate that allows you to create beautiful monotype prints without a press. A variety of items can be used to create one of a kind textures and patterns. This is just the beginning, the possibilities are endless! Join us and discover everything we know about Gel Plate printing! Fee: $22 Supply Pickup: 2/12/2021 from 4-6pm Video Available: 2/12/2021-3/21/2021