Geographic Information Systems Crash Course

Geographic Information Systems Crash Course

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Science Building, Room 160




(812) 237-2688


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an important suite of mapping and spatial analysis tools which, through the longstanding efforts of ISU faculty such as Dr. Nancy Obermeyer, Dr. Susan Berta, Dr. Qihao Weng, and Dr. Stephen Aldrich, have been available to ISU students, staff, and faculty since the late 1990s. Please join Dr. Aldrich and Dr. Alex Badillo for an informal crash course. They will go over the software, where/how to search for data, and a few key tools to get going making your own maps and doing your own analyses in ArcGIS Pro. It will be far from everything a seasoned GIS user will need to know, but it should help all learn about these very useful, multidisciplinary tools.