Hispanic Heritage Month: Pista, Latino Clue

Hispanic Heritage Month: Pista, Latino Clue

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Hulman Memorial Student Union, 7th Floor




(812) 237-2877


Pista (Clue) will provide an interactive way of teaching Players about historical and iconic figures in Hispanic and Latino cultures by using detective and analytic skills in an interactive mystery game. By the end of the event, Players would have learned how to utilize reasoning and observation skills, effectively manage time, analyze and strategize. 

This program will address the lack of communal knowledge of Hispanic and Latino history and their contributions to the world Possessing this knowledge is of great importance as the world is becoming more diverse and Hispanic and Latinos are making up the second fastest and largest growing migrant population in the United States.

As this population continues to grow, an understanding of their cultures will help better acclimate them to the United States as well as dispel preconceived and/or false notions about them.