IFC Men's Health Month: Keynote Speaker

IFC Men's Health Month: Keynote Speaker

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Join us for Tim Mousseau of CAMPUSPEAK and his keynote "Mo-Men-Tum" as the kickoff to IFC Men's Health Week. Meeting ID: 863 4978 7342 Password: IFC Mo-Men-Tum: Changing The Landscape on Modern Masculinity What makes a man? And what makes a man masculine? These are both questions that pop culture, society, academics, communities, and individuals across the world have been attempting to answer for years. When it comes to masculinity, our conversation is anything but binary. Even with the ever-fluctuating meaning of the term masculinity, Tim Mousseau is convinced of one thing: students want to have conversations on what defines manhood. Even more, they want to understand what it means to express this idea in a positive way. As a male survivor of sexual assault and widely published author on topics of masculinity, Tim has seen firsthand how frequently both men and women want to have conversations concerning this compelling issue. The key lies in helping guide these discussions in a way that is just as fluid as the differing definitions of masculinity. During his time working with thousands of students discussing sex positivity and sexual assault prevention efforts, Tim has also helped create spaces where students can have critical discussions concerning the application of masculinity. By laying a foundation grounded in the roots of this term, exploring its connection to feminism, and drawing from studies regarding cultural systems, Tim helps his audience members understand that like many things in life, there is no black and white when it comes to masculinity, but the answers often lie in the gray. In this keynote, Tim leads a vulnerable conversation about exploring his masculinity as a male survivor and how traditional values and tropes or masculinity often influence our perceptions. By digging deep into the topics surrounding identity and self-creation, students can clearly see the difference between healthy vs. toxic masculinity. By connecting personal stories to the audience and giving them a voice, Tim will leave a lasting impact on your students. This program is meant to challenge perceptions while building a welcoming dialogue where everyone can participate.