Institutional Review Board Series: Vulnerable populations - Children, prisoners, students

Institutional Review Board Series: Vulnerable populations - Children, prisoners, students

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Cunningham Memorial Library, Room 103, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence




(812) 237-2688


In this session, presenters will explain why some pools of potential subjects are considered vulnerable, and in need of special protection in the research process. They will focus on those identified by federal regulations (children, prisoners, pregnant women) as well as ISU students, who receive these protections as a matter of ISU IRB policy.

The presentation will include information about elementary, secondary, and college students as research subjects. Presenters will give particular attention to situations in which researchers are also the instructors of record of students in their own classes, when the research focuses on the practice of teaching. Topics will include dual-role conflict, undue influence, and the best parctices of parental permission, child assent, informed consent, and WHY students are considered a vulnerable population at ISU. One question that will be addressed in the session is "Under what conditions will IRB support the research as planned, and under what conditions typically would they have concerns?"

The last of five sessions related to the IRB, this session will count toward a three-session requirement for a certificate of recognition. Those who participate in at least three sessions will be provided a certificate recognizing their efforts related to professional development. The certificate may be included in faculty members' annual review materials, applications for promotion and/or tenure, and Biennial Review reports; or may be included in students' portfolios.

The Presenters are Vicki Hammen and Tina Kruger.