Intentional kindness, Light up your work without getting burned

Intentional kindness, Light up your work without getting burned

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Amy Dee is a master storyteller and brilliant inspiration and comedian. Her message about behavior and choice propels audiences to live, act and work better. Amy's authentic approach makes her a sought-after speaker throughout the United States.
Dee lived in Norway from 1994-2003, where she learned Norwegian and started a business in her home. Amy has been a motivational speaker, stand-up comic and a voice-over artist for radio. She is the author of four books and writes song parodies.
Good news, kindness is contagious. Kindness creates positive emotions that radiate to the world around you. Self-compassion increases your resilience to change.
Intentional micro-moments of connection will forge bonds with co-workers and improve your health. Mindfulness will empower your listening skills and enhance your relationships at work and home.
Be the spark! Rekindle kindness in the workplace.
It is good to be good.
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