LEAP Indiana Spring Book Study

LEAP Indiana Spring Book Study

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Repeats every month until Thu Apr 18 2024 except Thu Feb 01 2024, Fri Mar 01 2024, Mon Apr 01 2024. Also includes Thu Feb 29 2024, Thu Mar 28 2024, Thu Apr 18 2024.



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Keeping Us Engaged: Student Perspectives (and Research Strategies) on What Works and Why
written by Christine Harrington and 50 College Students

“This book offers faculty practical strategies to engage students that are research-grounded and endorsed by students themselves. Through student stories, a signature feature of this book, readers will discover why professor actions result in changed attitudes, stronger connections to others and the course material, and increased learning. Structured to cover the key moments and opportunities to increase student engagement, Christine Harrington covers the all-important first day of class where first impressions can determine students’ attitudes for the duration of the course, through to insights for rethinking assignments and enlivening teaching strategies, to ways of providing feedback that build students’ confidence and spur them to greater immersion in their studies, providing the underlying rationale for the strategies she presents. (Amazon.com)

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