LLL Soccer Match

LLL Soccer Match

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Kennedy Fields




(812) 237-2364


It’s that time of year; time for the annual LLL/Lingua Franca soccer match - a great activity and a good way to get ready for this year’s World Cup!

A few reminders:

  • the event is free and open to all ISU students, with preference given to students in language classes and/or in Lingua Franca.
  • every player must sign an ISU waiver BEFORE playing
  • small teams consisting of 8-10 players per language area: Japanese, French, Spanish, and German. Latin, Arabic, and Ling fill out the rosters. Match will consist of two short games and a short play-off for our infamous trophy
  • the teams are organized by color:
    - French students/team/supporters all wear blue t-shirts
    - Spanish wear red t-shirts
    - German wear white t-shirts
    - Japanese wear black t-shirts

Light snacks and water will be provided; please bring your own chairs and water battles.

See you there!