Mobile Photography: Online Course

Mobile Photography: Online Course

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The Mobile Photography course provides an easy to use guide to unlocking the potential of a piece of equipment that you already own and a creative eye that you may not know that you possess. As smartphones become more and more sophisticated, so do the built-in cameras that they come equipped with. While many of us just use these to take basic point-and-click photographs, they are capable of so much more, with just a little more understanding of photography principles, techniques, and the use of simple, but incredibly powerful (and cheap), editing apps, not to mention the various ways that images can be shared. A lot of what makes an interesting image, interesting is not always about the technical know-how of the photographer or the use of editing apps and Photoshop, but in the composition of the elements within the image itself. This course will teach students how to gain an eye for a good image through some basic photography principles that can be incorporated into your photography straight away. No experience necessary.