National Hazing Prevention Week: Breaking the Cycle

National Hazing Prevention Week: Breaking the Cycle

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This interactive program identifies the mental, emotional, and physical effects of hazing in student organizations, the military, and the workplace. This program engages students at the start by using relatable experience to challenge the thought process behind hazing. Together, we will define what hazing is, while discussing the risk of supporting chapter traditions over organization policy and procedures. The audience will step out of their comfort zone to discuss the long term and short-term effects of hazing. During the program, we will challenge the audience by involving them in simulations of real-world scenarios of hazing…sometimes it’s important to step into the shoes of others to understand situations. Collectively, we will identify accountability partners who will assist in hazing prevention. The speaker will dispel myths and stimulate ideas that create action plans for future hazing prevention initiatives. The audience will make a community pledge to end hazing ensure the culture of hazing does not plague the campus and community.