National Hazing Prevention Week: Free Virtual Webinar

National Hazing Prevention Week: Free Virtual Webinar

Photos of students who have passed away due to hazing related behaviors

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Love, Mom & Dad: Turning Tragedy into Progress — The Anti-Hazing Coalition will host a live nationwide presentation and discussion to kick off HazingPrevention.Org’s National Hazing Prevention Week on Sunday, September 20 at 7 p.m. Eastern. As many campuses have moved away from in-person experiences this fall, the AHC wants to ensure students receive hazing prevention education. The AHC parents will present a program streamed live on social media to share their sons’ stories and educate current students about hazing prevention. The program will include Q&A and breakout rooms will be available afterwards for individual campus discussions (please put Indiana State University on your registration). These families each suffered unimaginable loss as a result of fraternity hazing. They are here to share their stories and to challenge ALL fraternity/sorority members to take up the fight to end hazing now. If we are not actively part of solving this problem, then we are responsible for its continued persistence. Whether you’ve been hazed, know that hazing is happening on your campus, or even if you’ve hazed one of your members in the past, we must all actively take part in this solving this problem so that no family has to endure this kind of tragedy. Let’s be the generation of fraternity and sorority members who end hazing once and for all. REGISTER HERE: