Networking & Etiquette Workshop

Networking & Etiquette Workshop

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Hulman Memorial Student Union (Dede I)




(812) 237-3805


The ability to network is a powerful tool in today’s job market. With the constant advancement of technology, new and different ways of networking online are being created. While it is easy to rely on these methods to make connections, employers are placing a greater emphasis on the personal connections that you make with others. This workshop is designed to teach you the value of developing a professional network and equip you with tools to help you shine in business settings. A four-course etiquette dinner accompanies this workshop. During the dinner portion you will learn proper dining etiquette to help you successfully navigate a business dining experience. Students that attend this workshop will learn how to enter and exit conversations, properly introduce themselves, handshake and business card etiquette, and much, much more. Don’t miss this chance to polish your personal etiquette skills and stand out to future employers.