New Play Fest: Colors

New Play Fest: Colors


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Student Theatre Association presents New Play Fest: Colors – a rainbow of poems and plays

Please come and join STA for a wonderful evening of colors THIS Friday, April 22nd at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
🌈 After the performance, join us for a celebratory reception in the lobby with free treats!


  • πŸ”΄ Broken Red by Julien Lyons
  • 🟑 Wishing In Yellow by Kalene Dean
  • 🟒 I Feel Green by Kalene Dean
  • πŸ”΅ The Navy Room by Matthew Collins
  • πŸ– Crimson by Elizabeth Brown
  • 🌸 Mild Interest by Kalene Dean
  • 🎨 The Greatest Artist in the World by Kiara Dowell

Directed by: Mia Carrillo, Amanda Kelley, Carsyn Wayland, Will Wortman

What is New Play Fest?
New Play Fest is an evening of student-written plays (and poems!) that is produced by the Student Theatre Association. All designers, actors, directors, and technicians are students, from all around different majors and backgrounds! New Play Fest is a way for students to have their story told, try something new, get better at their theater craft, or as a way to make some friends and get involved! Interested in being a part of this kind of event?STA produces Fright Fest in the Fall and New Play Fest in the Spring. Contact Kristin Wentz at for more information!

What is the Student Theatre Association?
STA is a group of students who strive to provide all students on campus with the opportunity to develop new and creative work to better prepare for professional theater – or, as a stepping stone and judgment-free starting place for those who want to try something new or want to be a part of the theater community! STA also hosts a variety of fun and skill-developing events such as audition prep, game nights, movie nights, and more.

Contact Kristin Wentz at for more information or check out our Instagram @isustudenttheatre!