Sales and Negotiations Center Sales Career Exploration Event

Sales and Negotiations Center Sales Career Exploration Event

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Tirey Hall, McKee Family Heritage Ballroom




(812) 237-2286


Each Fall semester, on the evening prior to the ISU Career Center’s campus-wide Career Fair, the Sales and Negotiations Center sponsors a unique event in which sales professionals and ISU students from various degree programs get together to explore career opportunities in the field of sales. Students tend to seek careers in fields with which they are familiar and in which they know successful people working in that profession.

With that in mind, the goal for this event is to introduce our students to successful sales representatives and sales managers who could become employers, role models, mentors and/or career coaches for our students. To encourage a relaxed atmosphere and encourage productive interactions, the dress code for the evening is “business casual” and a delicious dinner will be served.

We welcome sales professionals with an interest in helping and/or hiring outstanding sales students who are interested in professional development. This is an opportunity to begin developing professional relationships with ISU students from a variety of different backgrounds. These outstanding young professionals will become the next generation of sales leaders!

Reservations are required! Registration is due by September 6, 2021.