Sobremesa: Spanish Conversation Time

Sobremesa: Spanish Conversation Time

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Hulman Memorial Student Union, Dede II




(812) 237-2877


In many places around the Latin-American zone, people have the privilege to share more time with their relatives during weekdays. This means that they have enough time to come back from their job places to have a lunch, stay there and take a nap.

This routine makes the family share experiences during the day or talk about whatever they want. When we talk about ‘Sobremesa’, we talk about a brief period of time where people after having a lunch and discuss life or/and experiences. This time may be from 20 minutes to 1 hour, according to the worker time allowed to be there In order to explore the benefits of expanding the engaging of the Latino/Hispanic culture.

I propose making a conversational time called Sobremesa, in which all participants SHOULD speak in Spanish. If the participant has not the appropriate Spanish level to make it, a person (volunteer) in the table will help him in order to understand what the conversation is about.