Solar Noon Equiunox Celebration at Via Solaris

Solar Noon Equiunox Celebration at Via Solaris

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Via Solaris Sculpture (North side of Stalker Hall)




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Via Solaris is located at the North entrance of Stalker Hall. You are invited to join us for the Solar Noon Celebration at Via Solaris. The sun at solar noon during the equinox shines through the tube and creates a "sun spot" on the base of the Via Solaris sculpture. It only lasts a few minutes and is a great teaching opportunity for Earth Sciences and Psychology. Solar noon in Terre Haute is almost 2 hours away from 12:00. How does this effect our circadian rhythms and the function of our internal clocks? Come join us for the "sun spot" display at the Via Solaris Sculpture. The display starts around 1:38, peaks around 1:44 and is over around 1:50 - so you will still have time to make it to your 2:00 class. See you there.