Solidarity: Everybody In, intersectionality, allyship

Solidarity: Everybody In, intersectionality, allyship

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University Hall, Whitaker Room 110G




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Welcome back our facilitators from Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council Amber O’Haver and Amy Allen Sekhar. A year ­long series of disability programming, this final program will include a presentation featuring various disabled speakers sharing experiences of marginalization across minority groups. Additionally, it will explore the specific issues facing people with disabilities who experience multiple points of oppression and discrimination (i.e. WOC with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ with disabilities, POC with disabilities, etc.) and how the intersectional experiences of these identities and groups present an opportunity for allyship. Then through an interactive discussion on allyship with the audience, INSILC will focus on the importance of solidarity and the necessity of people WITHOUT disabilities serving as allies in the disability rights movement and people WITH disabilities being acknowledged and accepted as strong allies to serve within other human rights movements to effectively achieve social justice in today's society.