State of Emergency: Missing Black Women and Girls

State of Emergency: Missing Black Women and Girls

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HMSU, Dede I




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Join us for a transformative protest and rally as we unite to shine a spotlight on the urgent crisis of missing Black women and girls in America. Research reveals the disproportionate impact on Black Women and Girls, their disappearances are often brushed aside by mainstream media and law enforcement. Our event is a thunderous call, igniting consciousness, insisting on justice, and championing transformative action.

As we gather in solidarity, we honor the lives of those who have gone missing, their stories often overlooked or neglected by mainstream media and law enforcement. We stand together to amplify their voices and demand accountability from institutions responsible for their protection.

Throughout this event, we'll unleash the raw power of their stories, exposing the harrowing toll on families and communities. With our keynote speaker, students, and dedicated allies, we confront the systemic oppressions perpetuating this crisis: racial bias, gender-based violence, and a glaring lack of resources for missing person cases. This rally is not just a gathering; it's a thunderous call to action. We demand lawmakers and law enforcement agencies prioritize the relentless pursuit of missing Black Women and Girls. We demand funds for prevention, investigation, and a guarantee that their cases receive the fervent attention and resources they merit.

Together, our collective roar echoes: every Black Woman and Girl demands recognition, amplification, and safeguarding. Stand with us as we command justice, solidarity, and unwavering support for those still lost, their anguished loved ones, and all touched by this urgent, righteous cause.