Utilizing art to mobilize advocacy efforts related to traditional women's work

Utilizing art to mobilize advocacy efforts related to traditional women's work

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Women historically and currently tend to serve as primary caregivers in families and beyond; yet their contributions, while vital to society's functioning often go unnoticed and unpaid, while significantly impacting both the career and care recipients' health. The artist Marissa Jahn has worked with caregivers across the country to amplify their stories and foster a sense of community through the videos and app she created to facilitate caregivers connecting with one another and working together to advocate better public and labor policies to support the work of care providers.

Tina Kruger is the chair of the department of multidisciplinary studies. She has a doctorate in gerontology, and her research, which typically involves partnership with various community agencies, focuses on health and well-being throughout the lifespan.

Meredith Lynn is the director of the Art Galleries at Indiana State University where she also teaches in the department of art and design. Her research focuses on community development through the arts. She is currently teaching Art History 586 (Curatorial Practices II).

Part of Women's History Month Colloquium. Full schedule available at http://www.indstate.edu/cas/MultidisciplinaryStudies/gender-studies/womens-history-month

SPONSORS: Department of Multimedia Studies/Gender Studies Program, Cunningham Memorial Library, ISU Women¹s Resource Center, Office of the President.