Voices from 1968

Voices from 1968

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Dr. Ann Short Chirhart, Dr. Sheron Dailey, Dr. Michele Boyer, and Dr. Dorothy Simpson-Taylor (Program is part of the College of Arts & Sciences Community Semester www.indstate.edu/cas/dean/community-semester-2018)

Dr. Short Chirhart (ISU history department) discusses major events that occurred during 1968, a significant year in our nation's history. Following this historical context set by Dr. Short Chirhart, Drs. Dailey, Boyer and Simpson-Taylor share their memories of and reflections upon 1968 as women who lived through this pivotal year.

Dr. Michele Boyer, ISU Professor Emerita, served as chair of the department of communication disorders and counseling, school, and educational psychology.  In retirement, Dr. Boyer is active in the community as a psychology consultant, diversity trainer and leadership team member for educational programs at The Maple Center for Integrative Health.

Dr. Ann Short Chirhart is a Professor in ISU's department of history. Throughout her academic career, she has focused on social reform and equality movements in the United States, notably for women and African Americans in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Dr. Sheron Dailey is an ISU Professor Emerita in communication and women's studies. She taught at ISU from 1965-2000, with time out to serve as visiting professor at the University of North Carolina (1982) and visiting artist at the University of Arizona (1989).

Dr. Dorothy Simpson-Taylor is a retiree whose career journey has included high school counselor, faculty and administrator in higher education (University of Iowa, Purdue University, Indiana State University, University of Northern Colorado, Iowa State University), mental health counselor and psychotherapist, community organizer, and capacity building consultant.

Session will include a book drawing for "Winning the vote"

Part of Women's History Month Colloquium. Full schedule available at http://www.indstate.edu/cas/MultidisciplinaryStudies/gender-studies/womens-history-month

Sponsors: Department of Multimedia Studies/Gender Studies Program, Cunningham Memorial Library, Women's Resource Center, Office of the President