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Traveling Internationally and attending Conferences

As part of its core values to collaborate with our local and global communities to create long-term relationships, connectedness with integrity, and a shared sense of pride, Indiana State University strives to maintain a diverse and vibrant academic community that welcomes foreign researchers and encourages international collaborations for the general advancement of human knowledge. This is best served by fostering a culture of academic freedom that promotes the free exchange of ideas and encourages the broadest possible dissemination of knowledge and information through a wide array of research, teaching and clinical activities both within the United States and abroad.

General Advice 

  • When leaving the country, be aware that the items you take can be considered an "export", including electronic devices and the software and data that may be housed on or accessed from them.
  • The traveler should ensure that electronic devices and presentations do not contain any export-controlled data or technology.
  • Some very specific goods, software, or data may not be taken out of the U.S. to certain countries without a license from the State Department.
  • Tangible items developed through fundamental research may still be subject to certain export control regulations. 
  • Travel to embargoed and sanctioned countries may be prohibited. Regardless of the source of funding or if the travel is of a personal nature, please consult with the Center for Global Engagement prior to arranging travel to the following countries:
  • Crimea Region of the Ukraine
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) will review related federal government information to provide the traveler with more specific information. 

All ISU-sponsored international travel will be referred to the Center for Global Engagement for export control review as part of the travel approval process. CGE, in consultation with the Office of Risk Management, can also provide information on risk management for ISU-sponsored student travel. The referral to CGE allows each registrant to be eligible for emergency evacuation services should they be required in the event of natural disasters, health emergencies or political unrest.

*International travelers should be advised that special consideration should be given for COVID-19 requirements in other countries.


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