Registration Process

The College Challenge program was designed to help high school students achieve academic success before even stepping foot on a college campus. If you desire more challenging coursework and feel that this program is right for you, be prepared to complete the College Challenge application process at the beginning of the high school term.

You can begin the enrollment process by completing the following steps:

Step 1:

Talk with your guidance counselor to see what College Challenge courses are available at your high school and appropriate for your schedule. Be sure to review the program admission requirements, as well as any specific course prerequisites, to determine your eligibility. Early contact is essential to ensure consideration.

Step 2:

Request a application-pdf.png College Challenge Application/Registration Form (PDF) provided by your high school counselor or teacher. Be sure to read the entire application with a parent or guardian, thoroughly complete the application and be sure that it is signed by both student and parent or guardian.

Step 3:

Return the form to your designated high school representative. The high school representative will provide your transcript, make an admission recommendation based upon your eligibility per the admission requirements, and provide free/reduced lunch verification, if appropriate.

Step 4:

The entire packet will be sent to the ISU College Challenge Director for review. The application will be processed and an admission decision will be made based on your eligibility for the College Challenge program, as well as specific course prerequisites.

Step 5:

If admitted, you will be registered for the course(s) identified on your application, and a bill will be generated and sent to the mailing address on your College Challenge application. If you are not admitted, you will be notified in writing by the College Challenge Director of the reason for the denial of your application.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you are registered for your College Challenge course, you are an ISU student! There are a number of student services available to you at this point. Please see the application-pdf.png College Challenge Student Guide (PDF) for an overview of student services (including tutoring and library services).

Step 6:

All College Challenge tuition must be paid by the payment deadline indicated on your bill. Students who do not pay the tuition, in full, by the payment deadline will be administratively withdrawn from the College Challenge course. For more information related to tuition and fees, visit Tuition & Scholarships.

Step 7:

A final course roster will be sent to each College Challenge high school teacher once all payments are processed to confirm final enrollment.

Step 8:

Upon completion of the registration process, students need to log on to the MyISU Portal to activate their Sycamore login. Students should contact the high school teacher for instructions for logging on to the portal. From the portal site, students can view their final grades and request official transcripts.

Need a copy to take with you? Download the application-pdf.png Registration Process (PDF).


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High School Students & Parents:

Please contact your high school counselor for more information about College Challenge. High School Educators:

If you are a high school educator or administrator, please contact the College Challenge director for assistance:
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