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Custodial Duties

What buildings do we clean?

All academic and public service facilities.

Routine Cleaning: What Is It?

We determine cleaning frequency by the amount of traffic in the space and/or the amount of trash generated. For instance, departmental offices and workrooms may be cleaned several times weekly, while we clean private offices less frequently.

The custodian works on a route through his or her area cleaning rooms as scheduled for service.
The custodian routinely performs the following tasks:

  • Dusting and cleaning or horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Dusting and cleaning of furniture and cleared surfaces.
    Custodians do not move items or clean office equipment and personal items.
  • Emptying trash and separating for recycle
  • Cleaning floors, doors, and vents
  • Cleaning windows
  • Including entrances, lobbies, halls, rest rooms, elevators, and stairways.
Project Work: How do I get cleaning that requires special equipment?

Facilities Management defines cleaning that requires special equipment as project work. Examples include buffing floors, cleaning carpets, refinishing floors, etc.

You will receive advance notice from Custodial Services whenever a major project is planned for your space. If you have a specific cleaning need contact Cherie Lewis at 237-8148. Be sure to give the building, floor, room #, and details of what needs done and if there is a preferred completion date.

Building Entrances: Who cleans them?

Custodians provide daily cleaning to the area immediately outside each entrance, including sweeping, cigarette urn cleaning, and snow removal. Custodians provide and maintain matting inside building entrances during winter months.

Who do I contact to care for Emergency Clean-Ups?

If you can not locate a custodial person in your building, contact our office 237-8150, or 237-8148 to report any emergency clean-up.