Dr. Linda McQuiston

Dr. Linda McQuiston
Nursing, School of
Health and Human Services, College of
College Of Health And Human
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  • Ph.D. - Nursing Education, Nova Southeastern University - 2012
  • M.S.N. - Nursing Eduation/ Administration, University of Phoenix - 2004
  • B.S.N. - Nursing, University of Phoenix - 1999
  • A.A.S. - Nursing, Mesa Community College - 1994

Teaching Interests

  • My overall teaching interests include:<br>1. Innovative methods of drawing the students into the excitement of learning<br>2. Student success during the program<br>3. Student success after graduation (NCLEX-RN)

Research Interests

  • Research interests include:<br>1. Innovative and effective methods of producing the best "thinking" nurse possible<br>2. Benefits of animal assistive therapy/intervention within the health care and educational settings.<br>3. Test taking strategies