Dr. Scott Sterling

Dr. Scott Sterling
Assistant Professor
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Department of
Arts and Sciences, College of
Root Hall, A-177
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I am an Assistant Professor of Linguistics and TESL at Indiana State University. My main areas of research are (1) meta-research in linguistics, (2) humor usage by second language learners, and (3) autonomous language learning with technology. I generally teach graduate and undergraduate courses related to language acquisition and teaching methodologies. You can read more about me by visiting my website.


ESL 103A - English as a second language
LING 210 - Introduction to Linguistics
LING 311 - Linguistic Analysis of English
LING 316 - Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language
LING 409 - Internship in LLL
LING 520/420 - Language Acquisition (undergraduate)
LING 580/480 - Computer-Assisted Language Learning
LLL 600 - Introduction to Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
LING 613 - Teaching English as a Second Language
LING 792 - Professionalization in Second Language Education