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Tuesday, May 14th: Active Learning: Flipped Classrooms, Improv, and Games

In this session participants will learn about finding time for active learning and experience how the tools of improvisation can improve your teaching engagement. To find time for active learning -- flip your class! Come and discuss the most effective ways to incentivize students to prepare for class and engage with the material. This semester’s book read by Alan Alda showed the impact of improvisation on improving communication. Participants will experience the usefulness of improvisation methods for pedagogical purposes – realizing that many effective teaching practices already encourage improvisation. Participants will also learn about incorporating games as integrated activities in courses.  Presenters are Katrina Babb, Debra Israel, and Darlene Hantzis.


Wednesday, May 15th:  Why Do I Have to Keep Explaining What a Credible Source Is?

Have you said this: “I don’t assign research papers anymore because the quality is so bad” – or – “Why don’t the students know how to do library research?” – or – “My assignment instructions are very clear but the students keep asking me questions”.  If you have, then come to this session! We will explore syllabus language related to academic research and writing requirements and the Resource Quality Grid.  We will have an interactive component where you will draft your own syllabus language paragraph. We will also discuss assignment revisions and assignment assessment options.  Presenter is Marsha Miller.


Thursday, May 16th: Don’t Just Survive—THRIVE in the classroom

You’ve probably heard of growth mindset, but what does that mean for you in regards to course design, student motivation and professor-student interaction?  This workshop will explore how to implement the theoretical concepts of growth mindset into your pedagogical practice.  Alumni of the THRIVE learning community will share ideas as well as experiences with growth mindset and how it has impacted student success in their courses.  Presenters are Linda Behrendt and Caitlin Brez.


Friday, May 17th:  Virtual Reality in the Classroom: What’s the Hype? 

Creating learning opportunities that allow students to practice, learn, and grow without risk of high stakes failure is a common and important tool for educators.  Could virtual reality offer a new, dynamic way to implement these experiences in your classroom?  What do you know about virtual reality, and what more do you wish you knew about it?  Attend this round table discussion to learn more about virtual reality in the classroom and offer your input to OIT on the role of VR technology at ISU.  Presented by Stephanie Alexander, Kristie Bigler, Nick Aballi, and JT Monds.

OIT General Information: Updates, Tips, Tricks 

Stay on top of your technology game with this informative and hands-on session that keeps you up-to-date with classroom computer changes, Blackboard, and instructional tools as you prepare for the 2019-2020 academic year.  Bring your laptop and get real-time assistance and demonstrations.  This session will be presented by Pei- Yi Hu


Monday, May 20thField Trips and Fulbrights

Learn the nuts and bolts and the wide-range of possibilities for successful field trips with your students, assisted by resources from the Career Center. Then going farther afield, hear about teaching Fulbrights and how they can broaden your horizons and impact your teaching, introducing you to colleagues and students in another country.  Presenters are Teresa Dwyer (Field Trips) and Ruth Fairbanks (Fulbrights). Debra Israel will facilitate the session.

Tuesday, May 21st: Don’t leave it to chance: Increasing Student Success in Statistics, Part II

In this session participants will gain information about using short videos and visual summaries (infographics) for teaching statistics and best practices for teaching statistics online. Participants will hear about the recent experience of a colleague in incorporating statistical analysis projects in an upper-level sports economics course and will discuss the pros and cons of using different statistical software for teaching. Presenters will share their experiences and invite participants to bring their challenges and successes in teaching statistics as well.  Presenters are Concetta DePaolo, Debra Israel, Constance McLaren, and Don Richards.

Wednesday, May 22nd: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Across the Disciplines

The Master Teacher Program faculty from all 5 academic colleges will share their classroom research on best practices for instruction. Topics include composition, case studies using real-world data, how SoTL informs online learning, multicultural instructional strategies, student learning preferences, and professor feedback on minute papers. Presenters include Stephanie Alexander, Concetta DePaolo, Darleesa Doss, Kristina Lawyer, Bridget Roberts-Pittman, Kathy Bauserman, and Jennifer Schriver.

Thursday, May 23rd:  Practical Technologies for Productive Teaching

In this session, you will experience several practical tips to help you better integrate technology into your teaching practices. Discover how to customize your grade center, design effective rubrics, and create accessible course materials.  Presenters: Lisa Hughes, Michelle Mentzer, Csilla Stewart and Aaron White.




Don't forget!  We hope to see you for course re-design on the mornings of June 10, 11, and 12th. 


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