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The Course Transformation Academy (CTA) has been established at Indiana State University to provide assistance and support to faculty in the redesign of key courses that serve large numbers of students. The primary goals of the CTA are to:

  • increase student learning
  • serve as a means of institutionalizing ongoing attention to course and curricular improvement
  • provide faculty development opportunities related to teaching strategies that improve student learning
  • decrease rates of student failure
  • increase graduation rates
  • retain cost neutrality when redesigning courses, such that the course is not more expensive to deliver after the redesign

Participation in the CTA

Departments are encouraged to participate in the CTA if they have a high enrollment course with a high student failure rate. All sections of the course must be redesigned to provide for the largest positive impact to our students. More information about the benefits of participating can be found below, and an application is available via the Application tab.

Resources and Support for Participants in the CTA

Course redesign is a lengthy process that requires faculty participants to have the necessary resources available to them to be successful. Examples of available support from the CTA include:

  • Campus visits from discipline-specific consultants who have success redesigning a similar course
  • Attendance at a conference that is relevant to course redesign
  • Travel to a regional campus that has redesigned a similar course
  • One course buy-out for one semester to the faculty team leader. There is the possibility of a stipend in lieu of a course release in exceptional circumstances.
  • Expertise from instructional designers to assist with technology for the course
  • Attendance at a conference after the course redesign has been completed in order to report on one’s findings

To learn more about participating in the CTA, see the information in the Application tab. Applications are due by Friday, November 13th to Jennifer Schriver.


Applications are not currently being accepted for the Course Transformation Academy.

Current Projects

2015 Projects

2016 Projects

  • ATTR 210: Human Anatomy
    Course Redesign Plan
  • CS 151: Introduction to Computer Science
    Course Redesign Plan
  • EPSY 202: Psychology of Childhood & Adolescence
    Course Redesign Plan
  • FIN 108: Personal Financial Management
    Course Redesign Plan

Training & Conferences

Getting Started on Course Redesign webinar held on February 9, 2016 by the National Center for Academic Transformation. To watch the 2-hour webinar, click here.
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April 3 – 5, 2016. Atlanta, GA
Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference

Other Resources

The National Center for Academic Transformation

NCAT provides many useful resources for course redesign, including examples of redesign models and successful redesigns from other universities

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FCTE Director
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