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Using the MyISU Portal

The MyISU Portal is a secure network environment for all Indiana State community members. It is the gateway for students to access their official University information, including financial aid status, requirements, awards, and other account information.

MyISU Portal & Student Self-Service Information

What can you do in Student Self-Service?

  • View Financial Aid holds on your account
  • View missing Financial Aid requirements
  • Check your grades
  • Manage you class schedule
  • Apply for graduation
  • Access all finance-related information such as direct deposit, bills, tax forms, etc.
  • Update personal information and Proxy

Financial Aid Dashboard

What information can I see about my financial aid?

  • Why hasn't your financial aid disbursed
  • Status of submitted documents
  • Available Financial Aid

Making a Student Loan Decision

  • Utilize the new Financial Aid Dashboard
  • Select the Award Offer tab
  • Select a Student Loan Decision
    (Accept = accept full amount | Decline = decline full amount | Modify = list a reduced amount)
  • Be sure to Submit your decision

Billing & Refund Information

What information can I view about Billing & Refunds?

  • Has my financial aid disbursed?
  • Where is my refund?
  • How do I pay my bill?
  • Where are my tax forms

Registration Information

Need assistance with navigating the MyISU Portal for:

  • Registering for classes
  • Adjust your class schedule
  • Check your DARS or MySAM
  • Order transcripts
  • View your grades
  • Locate enrollment verification

Visit the Office of Records and Registrations Frequently Asked Questions webpage at



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