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SAP Tips

Helpful tips for completing a
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form


Indiana State University is required to ensure that a student is maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in his or her educational program. Failure to meet the SAP standards makes a student ineligible to receive most types of financial aid. Additional information about SAP can be obtained by viewing the SAP policy. Students are allowed to appeal their SAP status in an attempt to regain financial aid eligibility. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee that aid eligibility will be restored. Being ineligible for aid does not prohibit students from enrolling in/attending classes. The student is responsible for any balance owed to the University (including late fees) regardless of the outcome of an appeal.

Process for Appeals

  1. Student completes a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form
  2. Student submits an appeal to the Office of Student Financial Aid
  3. A committee reviews the appeal and makes a decision to approve or deny it
  4. The MyISU Portal is updated with the committee appeal decision
  5. An email is sent to the student notifying them of the committee’s appeal decision and academic plan (if approved)


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