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Spring 2024

We want you to be successful at Indiana State University—and to take advantage of all of the financial opportunities you may be eligible to receive.  We have many resources available for you to access on our website and we are more than happy to provide any additional assistance that may help you along the way.  For our office location, hours and contact information - click here.


Aid Information

  • Loan Requests 

    Federal Direct Loan decisions are available until May 10, 2024 through the MyISU Portal.

  • Priority Processing Dates 

    We recommend submitting all of your required Financial Aid documents by November 15, 2023.  Documents submitted after this date are not guaranteed to be processed prior to the start of class.  Avoid the stress and delays by resolving your requirements!  Not sure where to look?  Here are a couple ideas of where to start:

  • University Bill for Spring  2024

    Bills are due on the first day of classes, January 16, 2024.  For more information -

  • Refunds and Disbursements

    Federal Aid pays no earlier than a week prior to the start of classes.  By January 8, all aid will have paid to students with complete files.

  • Claiming the Work Study Award 

    Federal Work Study Program is a subsidized employment program. The only way for students accepting their Federal Work Study award to receive the award amount is to get a job, work their assigned hours per week and earn the funding. For more information - click here

  • Sycamore Emergency Loan 

    The Sycamore Emergency Loan Program is intended to assist students who have a need for short-term financial assistance, and who agree to use these funds exclusively to pay educational expenses related to their attendance at Indiana State University.  Available starting January 8, 2024.  Eligibility rules apply, for our policy - click here





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