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The Office of Student Financial Aid offers a number of presentations to help Indiana States students learn more about personal finance.

$tart Now sessions are offered year-round to offices and student groups around campus.  $tart Now sessions stress the importance of early financial planning, particularly concentrating on loan management, budget building, saving, meeting financial goals, and understanding credit.  Presentations can be customized to specific audiences.  To schedule a $tart Now session, contact Sara Monday at

The Financial Aid $uccess Track (FA$T) is an essential classroom presentation that helps students take control of their financial aid.  It reinforces key concepts such as file preparation through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Verification process, protection of students' financial aid by understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), credit hour completion, the impact enrollment has on aid and much more.  FA$T events are offered from September - April.  To schedule a FA$T presentation, contact Brenda Hall at

The Take 5 Campaign is a full-campus experience offering an early intervention program focusing on time management and financial planning.  The goal is to remove financial barriers for our students.  Take 5 events are offered March through April.  To schedule a Take 5 event, contact Sara Monday at

Indiana State University also offers FAFSA events to specifically help students file their FAFSA.  To schedule a FAFSA event for a classroom session or student organization, contact Sara Monday at  Individuals seeking help to file their FAFSA can walk-in to the Financial Aid Office during office hours.



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