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Welcome to STATE MAKES $ENSE, the Office of Student Financial Aid's guide to financial literacy!  We're here to help you make sense (get it?) of some important information that can help you plan for your financial future today.  Before we dive in, let's talk about what financial literacy actually is.

Financial literacy is having the knowledge that helps you make strong financial decisions.  Within the STATE MAKES $ENSE program, we focus on four key areas:

1. Budgeting 
  Budgeting is an essential skill that helps you meet your financial goals by managing your income and expenses.
2. Saving
  Saving is setting funds aside to help you plan for the unexpected, fund your dreams, and provide you with financial security.
3. Credit
  Credit helps determine whether you qualify for loans, based on your ability to repay that loan in the future.
4. Loan Repayment
  Knowing your loan repayment options can help you make the best financial decision when it comes to building the best budget for you.

Presentations and Events

In addition to providing you resources on these key areas, the Office of Student Financial Aid also offers presentations and events to help discuss these ideas in more detail.  Click here to schedule a presentation or to see our calendar of upcoming events!


The STATE MAKES $ENSE newsletter is designed to give you quality advice on budgeting, saving loans, credit, and more in a format that is easy to read and understand.  For more information visit our newsletter page.


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