Foundational Studies Program



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The Program

The Foundational Studies Program is a unified, academic program. Students move through parts of the program according to their academic year or semester while other components can be added as the student moves through their major and minor programs. Students may choose most category courses in topics that complement their major and minor programs or personal interests.

Foundational Core:  Composition, Communication, Quantitative Literacy, Non-Native Language, Health & wellness

Ways of Knowing: Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Literary Studies, Fine and Performing Arts, Historical Perspectives, Ethical and Social Responsibility, Global Perspectives and Cultural Diversity

Integrative Studies:  Upper-Division Integrative Elective, High-Impact Practice (as of fall 2022)

Mission Statement

At Indiana State University, we are committed to providing students with a high quality education that will develop their intellectual abilities while providing them with the skills and knowledge base they will need to successfully navigate the complexities of the twenty-first century. Indiana State’s Foundational Studies Program is the cornerstone of this goal. The Foundational Studies curriculum seeks to create well rounded individual; students therefore have the opportunity to take courses in science, history, literature, behavioral sciences, and the fine arts. The Foundational Studies program also seeks to prepare students for active lives as citizens and includes courses on ethical behavior, social responsibility and global perspectives. Together the major and the Foundational Studies curriculum prepare students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and informed decision makers.

General Policies

Every student experiences a complete Foundational Studies program regardless of major.

While SAT/ACT scores are no longer required for admission to Indiana State University, the Foundational Studies program does use these scores for placement in certain courses.

Transfer Policies

Whether a course taken at another university can replace a Foundational Studies course is determined based on an evaluation of the learning objectives and whether they are met by the completed course.

Students who have earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences degree have met all of the Foundational Studies requirements except for:

  • Junior Level Composition (one class)
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility (one class)
  • Category #1 and Category #2 Upper Division, Integrative Electives

Students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree have fulfilled automatically the following FS requirements:

  • Freshman-level composition (3.0-6.0)
  • Communication (3.0)
  • Quantitative Literacy/Mathematics (3.0)
  • Health and Wellness (3.0)
  • Non-Native Language (3.0-6.0)
  • Social Behavioral Science (3.0)
  • Laboratory Science (4.0)
  • Category #2 UDIE (3.0)

If a student has earned a degree that does not fall under the category of Associate of Arts, ASN, or Associate of Science, their college may petition for the earned degree to be treated as such.