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Health & Wellness


a.  One course from the following choices:

AHS 111AHS 201PE 101, or SOC 471 ; or

b.  Completion of U.S. armed military services basic training (reserves or enlisted – does not include ROTC training)

Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives
  • Describe how society benefits from healthy citizens.
  • Explain how lifestyle choices affect individual and/or community health within two or more dimensions of wellness (e.g., emotional, physical, social, mental, spiritual, environmental health).
  • Analyze values and behaviors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Engage in a process of healthy behavior change or health promotion.
Skill Applied Learning Requirements
  • Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop critical thinking skills.
  • Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop information literacy skills.
  • Include a graded writing component, which whenever possible is developmental
Category Learning Objectives Student Evaluation

Health and Wellness

Approved courses

Model syllabi


Students who have completed armed military service basic training (including reservists) have met the Health and Wellness requirement.