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Bridge the Gap

Finances -- not academics -- are often the reason students drop out of college. Bridge the Gap Scholarships provide the funding students need between the financial resources they have (financial aid, family contributions, etc.) and their full cost of attendance.

Your support can help Sycamores make it to the finish line. Donations assist Indiana State students in continuing their educational goals without increasing their out-of-pocket costs. 

Bridge the Gap Scholarships are facilitated by the Enrollment Management division and directly support those who need it most: academically motivated students who are unable to register for classes the next semester due to finciancial constraints. These need-based scholarships allow students in good academic standing the ability to continue their studies, providing each recipient the opportunity to earn a degree that they may have never been able to achieve without this support.

I am very grateful to have received this because I am the first member in my family to attended college. Coming from two hard-manual labor working parents I need all the help I can get financial wise. I plan to become an air traffic controller. My mentality coming into college is "I don't have to change the world, I just want to change myfamily’s world." With this scholarship I am on my way to accomplish it. 
- Eduardo Pizana


To learn more about Bridge the Gap Scholarships, contact the Division of University Advancement at 812-237-6100. 

  • Jo Einstandig
    Jo Einstandig

    "When I learned about the financial hardships many motivated students face, it struck me as really unfortunate -- for people to want to be educated and not to have the resources. If young people are wanting to learn, let's give them the resources to do that.”
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  • Pajakowski
    Jim and Sue Pajakowski

    "Using our resources to give others the chance we had, such as the opportunity to attend college, fulfills our goal to give back and enriches our lives. We hope our gift will enrich the lives of others and that someday they can pass it forward.”
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