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The Division of University Advancement maintains a robust scholarship program comprised of more than 700 merit and need-based scholarships. These scholarships are made possible thanks to the generous donations of alumni, friends, corporate partners and foundations.

Donors have the opportunity to work with the Division of University Advancement staff to define the scholarship criteria that will meet their philanthropic intent, as well as address the ever-growing need for student support. For gift assistance or to learn more about creating a scholarship at Indiana State, contact the Division of University Advancement at 812-237-6100.

  • ISU FedEx Purple Runway Aviation Scholarship
    Purple Runway Aviation Scholarship

    Indiana State received a $500,000 commitment from FedEx Express as part of the corporation's Purple Runway Aviation Scholarship program. FedEx Express created the scholarship program to build the next generation of aviation professionals.
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Scholarship Guidelines

Annual Scholarship Funds

Annual scholarships are based on outright, cash gifts that are awarded to students on an annual basis. Donors may create a scholarship of this type with a minimum gift commitment of $1,000. Annual scholarships provide immediate financial support to students without a large or long-term pledge commitment.

Pure Endowments

Scholarships and funds invested in the ISU Foundation endowment make a perpetual impact on Indiana State students and programs. These funds may be designated to by a donor to impact students in a particular program, geographic area or other criteria important to the donor. To establish a new endowed fund is a minimum $25,000 donation and can be pledged for a maximum 5-year period. New endowment funds require a 12-month vesting period prior to fund distribution. Annual distributions will be made in accordance with the Endowment Spending Policy as approved by the ISU Foundation Board of Directors.

Term/Quasi Endowments

Similar to pure endowments, term or quasi endowments are invested with the ISU Foundation and require a $25,000 minimum gift for all new funds. These funds; however, may invade the endowment principal to award an annual distribution as set by the donor to achieve a desired impact.