939 Domain Naming Policy

939.1 Purpose.

Indiana State University is the owner of certain Internet address (IP) space and has registered certain domain names for its use. The purpose of this policy is to preserve and control the Internet domain name resources of the University for support of its mission of teaching, research, and service.

939.2 Applicability.

This policy applies to all students, faculty and staff who use the Indiana State University network and systems.

939.3 Statement of Policy.

939.3.1 Ownership. Indiana State University is the owner of the Internet address (IP) space through and through, and uses the Internet domain name “indstate.edu”. ISU has also registered numerous other variants as a protection against the possibility of exploitation of University’s reputation by others. A list of these may be found at the OIT website.

939.3.2 Restrictions on Registration. ISU Internet (IP) addresses may not be registered for use with any other domain name except as permitted below.

939.3.2.1 Domain Name Service. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for implementing Domain Name Service (DNS) for all systems connected to the campus network, and for coordinating this service with other campus units. DNS resolves names and network addresses for network routing to on-campus and off-campus destinations.

939.3.2.2 ISU Domain Names. ISU departments, programs and approved activities are eligible to use indstate.edu top level domain names upon request to Office of Information Technology. This request must be from a dean or department head and will either be approved by OIT staff or forwarded to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for further consideration. Requests should be made to the Executive Director, Office of Information Technology.

939. Examples. Typically, a department or organization would apply for a domain name that implies its name, or function, as in the following examples.

  • a. Unit Domain
  • b. a school:nursing.indstate.edu
  • c. a program mba.indstate.edu
  • d. a service:ftp.indstate.edu

939. Top Level Name. To be considered for a top level name a server would need to be of global interest to the Indiana State University community (e.g. ithelp.indstate.edu).

939.3.2.3 Non-ISU Domain Names. Within the range of network addresses (IP) used by Indiana State University, all non-indstate.edu domains must be reviewed by the Web Advisory Committee (WAC), including aliases. To be considered, a non-indstate.edu name must be requested by a dean or department head, must be consistent with University policies, and it must be demonstrated why the requested name should not be within the indstate.edu domain. Requests should be sent to the Executive Director, Office of Information Technology. Use of the domain name must be recommended for approval by WAC before further consideration will be given by the CIO.

939. Re-direction of Non-ISU Domain Names. Non-ISU domain names may not be re-directed to an ISU domain name without specific approval from the CIO. Requests for such approval will be handled as specified in the above paragraph.

939.3.2.4 Fees for Assignment of Domain Names. The department requesting a domain name other than indstate.edu is responsible for any costs associated with registering the domain name.

939.3.2.5 Naming Priority and Conflicts. Domain names generally reflect programs or activities. When there are conflicts in requested names, WAC will review and make recommendations based on relative priorities. In cases where a desired name or alias is already taken, OIT will explain the options. OIT will survey the database regularly to avoid naming conflicts and otherwise protect the interests of Indiana State University.

939.3.2.6 Unacceptable Domain Names. The Indiana State University network is for instruction and research use only, as indicated by the indstate.edu domain name suffix. In general, only domain names supporting this use, such as “.edu”, or “.org: or “.museum”, are hosted by ISU’s Domain Name Service. Suffixes such as “.com”, “.net”, etc., are not acceptable for ISU-hosted domain names. Inappropriate domain names – names that are not consistent with ISU’s mission and acceptable use policy – will not be approved.

939.3.2.7 Other Servers, Websites or Networks. Individuals and groups wishing to host servers, websites or networks that are outside the scope of the ISU acceptable use policy will be required to obtain Internet service and Domain Name Service from a local or national Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the request involves an ISU-owned IP address, the domain name must be cleared through the approval process outlined for indstate.edu host names.

939.3.3 Problem Resolution.

939.3.3.1 Faculty and Staff. In cases where faculty and staff are involved in creating or hosting an unacceptable domain name on a system that uses an ISU IP address, or re-directing a non-ISU domain name to an ISU domain name, OIT will first contact the individual and attempt to resolve the issue directly. If this fails, the head of the department concerned will be notified.

939.3.3.2 Students. When undergraduate or graduate students are involved, whether in the residence halls network or elsewhere, OIT will contact the student first to attempt to resolve the issue. If OIT cannot resolve it, OIT will temporarily block access and the student will be referred to Student Affairs.

939.3.3.3 Issues Not Resolved. If issues are not resolved in a timely fashion, OIT is authorized to:

a. Filter the system’s IP address

b. Disconnect the system from the network, depending upon the nature and severity of the problem.

c. If the inappropriate registration involves an IP address owned by ISU, notify the registering agency that ISU owns the IP address, does not approve the registration, and requests that it be removed.

939. Notice. Notice of any such actions will be provided to the responsible parties and units.

939.4 Exceptions.

Unusual name requests, circumstances, and issues will be referred to the Executive Director, Office of Information Technology for further consideration. Final determination will be subject to the approval of the CIO.

Policy 939 approved by the ISU Board of Trustees on February 27, 2004.

Last revised February 1, 2011.