941 File-Sharing Policy

941.1 File Sharing Programs.

941.1.1 Purpose. The purpose of this policy applicable to all ISU computers, is to help ensure the stability, performance and security of ISU’s networked environment, protect sensitive information on individual computers, and aid in compliance with federal and state copyright laws.

941.1.2 Definitions.

941.1.2.1 File Sharing Programs. File Sharing Programs are programs that function in a peer-to-peer structure and are designed to share files (music, video, software, images, etc.). Examples of such software include, but are not limited to: AudioGalaxy, Gnutella, KaZaA, WebShots and Morpheus.

941.1.2.2 ISU Computers. ISU Computers includes all computers owned, and or operated, by or on behalf of Indiana State University (ISU).

941.1.3 Statement of Policy. File sharing programs will not be installed on Indiana State University computers (except as noted under “Exceptions”).

941.1.3.1 List of File Sharing Programs. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will maintain a current list on its website of all applications covered by this policy. The list will be changed as new applications of this type are developed.

941.1.4 Removal of File-Sharing Programs. If file-sharing programs are observed on Indiana State University computers (other than those covered under “Exceptions” noted below), the head of the office or department concerned will take such actions as are necessary to have the program immediately removed. If necessary, appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken to ensure that no others will be installed.

941.1.4.1 Claim of Exemption by Faculty Member. If a faculty member claims an exemption under “Exceptions” noted below, and if such program causes problems for the network or such use results in allegations of violation of copyright, OIT will contact the employee to attempt to resolve the issue. If OIT cannot resolve it, the matter will be referred to the appropriate dean. In all cases, when technical issues affecting other computers are not resolved in a timely fashion, OIT is authorized to disconnect the system from the network until such corrections can be accomplished. In such an event, a formal notice of action will be provided to the responsible parties and his/her direct superior.

941.1.5 Exceptions. Equipment used by faculty who have installed such programs on their assigned computers as part of their teaching and research efforts are exempted from this requirement. Faculty who elect to install the programs will take all necessary action to protect their computers, and the information that may be in the storage media, from the adverse effects of these programs. In the event a program is affecting other computers, it must be removed. Faculty must also ensure that any downloading or sharing of materials complies with copyright laws.

Policy 941 was approved by the ISU Board of Trustees on July 18, 2003.

Last revised February 1, 2011.