University Handbook

Thank you for visiting the updated University Handbook website. The first Indiana State University handbook was published in 1961 under the title Administration – Organization, Policies and Procedures. The University Handbook describes the history, administrative organization, and the policies and procedures that govern operation of the University. The University Handbook is comprised of the constitutions and bylaws of the Board of Trustees, University Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Government Association, operational policies of major University Divisions, and all other University policies the Board determines appropriate. The Office of the General Counsel maintains the University Handbook site.

This site will continue to be enhanced with additional information for the ISU community. If you have comments or questions about the University Handbook, please email the Office of the General Counsel.

May 12, 2017

Amendment of Policy 305 Faculty Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure.  Former Policy 305.4 was deleted in its entirety.  Former Policy 305.5 through Policy 305.12 were renumbered to become Policy 305.13 through Policy 305.20.

Amendment of Policy 305. Review Process Stopped upon Negative Recommendation.  (Formerly 305.

Amendment and addition to Policy 210.2 Vision.

Amendment of Policy 310.1.8 Graduate Committees (Formerly Graduate Research and Thesis Committees)

Amendment of Policy 315.1.1 Regular Graduate Faculty.

Amendment of Policy 360 Sponsored Programs and Institutional Research Compliance.

Replacement of Policy 405 Student Educational Records (Formerly Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy)

Amendment of Policy 255 ISU Staff Council Bylaws.

February 24, 2017

Amendment of Policy University Faculty Representatives - Attendance Policy.

Amendment of Policy 305. and Policy 305. Faculty Appointment Classifications.

Amendment of Policy 305.3.4.1 Affiliate Faculty with Obligations to Teach and Policy 305.3.4.2 Faculty without Obligations to Teach.

Amendment of Policy 305.7.8 Awarding of Tenure Effective Date.

Amendment of Policy 305.11.2.1 Review Calendar and 305. Negative Recommendation.

Amendment of Policy 305.11.1.3 Possible Outcome of Annual Review.

Amendment of Policy 305. Hiring Policies for Tenure-Track Faculty.

December 16, 2016

Amendment of Policy 210 Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Deletion of Policy 310.1.7 "N" (No Grade) Policy.

Deletion of Policy 310.1.10 Student Academic Services Center.

Deletion of Policy 310.1.11 Declaration of Major.

Amendment of Policy 310.1.14 Class Attendance and Reporting.

Amendment of Policy 310.1.15 Field Trips.

Amendment of Policy 310.1.17 Telephone/Email.

Addition of Policy 515.3 Non-Exempt Professional Staff.

Amendment of Policy 535 Retirement Benefits.

Amendment of Policy 545 Leave Policy.

Amendment of Policy 560.4.2 Performance Appraisals - Review Period.

Amendment of Policy 575 Immigration Compliance - Completion of I-9.

Amendment of Policy 745.2.2 Parking Permit Registration - Types of Registration.

Addition of Policy 350. Required Faculty Reporting.

Amendment of Policy 270 Assessment Council.

Amendment of Policy 922.4 Title IX Director.

Amendment of Policies 923 Non-Discrimination and 920.3 Non-Discrimination.

Deletion of language from Policy 555.4 and 555.4.2 Spouse Fee Waivers.

September 30, 2016

Amendment of Policy 660.1 Fundraising from Private Sources

August 25, 2016

Addition of Policy 245.10 Interpretation

Addition of Policy 246.16.1 Interpretation

Addition of Policy 399.1 Interpretation

May 6, 2016

Revision of Policy 270 University Committees

Adoption of Policy 460 Student Grievances

Adoption of Policy 502 Prohibition on Hostile or Intimidating Workplace Behavior

Revision of Policy 246.13 Faculty Discipline and Dismissal

Revision of Policy 350. Deficient Performance

Revision of Policy 501.2 Extraordinary Measures

Restructuring of Policy 560 to include: Policy 560 Staff Classifications, Performance, Promotion, and Transfer; Policy 562 Staff Discipline, Termination, and Resignation; and Policy 565 Staff Grievances

Revision of Policy 305.10.3 University Promotion and Tenure Oversight

Revision of Policy 310 Faculty Duties and Responsibilities

Revision of Policy 345 Academic Administrator Performance Reviews

Revision of Policy 351.3 Failed Departments