About Us

The Indiana State University Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic functions with the support of Indiana State University Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation and Sycamore Athletics. This partnership allows us to work with our clients in a modern, cutting edge facility. Our staff understands the need to return to sport and work as quickly and safely as possible.

We are committed to individualized patient healthcare using evidence - based techniques and methods to ensure favorable patient outcomes. Physical therapists and athletic trainers are your "ideal" partners in health and understanding your body. As highly educated health care professionals, we provide treatments to minimize prescriptive and pain medications. We can also offer alternatives to surgical intervention.

The staff at the Indiana State University Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic can get you moving and enjoying life again, using scientifically-based treatment techniques that focus on restoring function, reducing pain, and preventing injury. We will work, in conjunction with you and your physician, to help you achieve a healthy, active lifestyle, and help you manage your health over the long term.