Keystone Adventure Program

The Keystone Adventure Program (KAP) is an adventure-based learning program which includes open-field cooperative games, minimal-prop initiative, two team initiatives courses, a High Ropes Course and a three-sided Universal Climbing Tower

  • All programs are designed for either half (3 hrs.) or full (6 hrs.) day experiences.

High Ropes Course

  • The High course experience, when combined with a teams course program, helps individuals to enhance confidence and explore emotional and psychological boundaries. The effort demonstrated while negotiating the high course is often correlated with a commitment to change, beginning some specific new behavior that was learned that day or tackling one's fears or concerns. It is also very exciting and fun! The Zip Line is awesome!

Teams Course

  • These activities promote group development in the areas of cooperation, trust, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication, creativity and more. The events are low to the ground and provide physical and cognitive challenges. We will work with you to understand what you hope to achieve and plan the experience accordingly.

Climbing Tower

  • The Tower is a chance to put on the climbing shoes and see how high you can go. There can also be a team aspect to the climb two participants climbing together. The Tower is located in a beautiful site by the lake and from the top there are great views of the area.

Cooperative Games

  • Primarily for large groups, but can also be used with as few as 10. These open-field activities provide lots of movement, interaction, a little problem solving and strategy and plenty of fun! (Can be done in combination with Adventure Recreation)

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