CHHS Centers and Clinics

Students learn through a multitude of experiences both inside and outside of the classroom setting. Providing students with holistic learning opportunities enriches their experiences and prepares them for life upon completion of their degree programs.  Indiana State University’s College of Health and Human Services has developed and partnered with organizations to create centers and clinics that promote experiential learning, encourage student health and wellness, and foster community engagement.

Students in the College have access to both cutting edge technologies designed to simulate authentic healthcare environments, as well as beautiful outdoor settings that help them connect with nature and learn the importance of wellness, recreation, and quality of life.  They have access to clinics that provide evidence-based health services, injury recovery, and prevention. They can develop skills associated with improving sports performance helping student-athletes improve in their chosen sport.

Through the College’s associated clinics and centers, students can build valuable professional experience and apply classroom knowledge in real-world situations and learn from current practitioners and clinical experts. Additionally, they gain important understandings of community needs and empathy for the people they will be serving when they begin their careers after college.