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Faculty & Staff Graduate Advising

  • Overview
    • It is not uncommon for questions to arise as you help students work toward their graduate degree. The information below includes resources to attempt to help answer your questions. Please reach out if you are unable to find answers below to your questions.

Making an Appointment

Making an Appointment

Academic advisors use a variety of methods for advisees to schedule appointments. Please reach out if you want to explore electronic methods of scheduling advisee appointments.

Types of Admission

Plan of Study

Plan of Study

A plan of study is a document that identifies each course required for your advisee to complete her/his graduate degree along with when to take each course. You should discuss your plan of study with your advisee and provide her/him a copy of the plan.

Plans of study should be completed during the first semester of your advisee program.

The plan of study should also identify if your advisee is receiving credit for a course(s) completed prior to beginning a graduate program at Indiana State University.

Please send to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies a copy of each advisee plan during the first semester of her / his enrollment.








Applying for Graduation